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1. How does the process work to order a ONESHOT WallArt?

You create your ONESHOT WallArt using our HP WallArt software. Then we check and confirm the order with you. Once You Are Happy With Your Order, It Will Be Checked By Our Design Team. When it's given the tick, the final instructions will be emailed to you, and we will be in touch to discuss the delivery of your project. If you have any issues during the creation phase of your project, or you simply want to chat, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will send you invoice and you arrange the payment for the order and once the payment is received the order is placed. Generally once payment is received printing takes around 5 to 7 working days depending on the complexity of the project and the workload. Once printed the completed order is delivered to your address.

2. How do I pay?

Once you place your order, you will be given an automatic order number. We will be notified of this, but please make a note of it for your reference. You will then receive an email with an invoice and payment details to make your payment. Once paid, we will begin printing and contact you for your shipping details. Please note, we only ship NZ wide, not internationally.

3. How long do HP Wall Art products last?
It will depend on the material used and the printer used to produce the wall covering. Wall Coverings and Wall Posters are printed on HP PVC-free Wall Paper with HP latex technology which has Indoor display permanence up to 20 years.

*The display permanence for HP latex inks is rated for interior displays, away from direct sunlight by HP Image Permanence Lab.

4. Why am I having a problem fitting the image into my Wall Covering design?

Background proportions are an important consideration in creating a wall covering. I e, a landscape-oriented background may fit awkwardly on a tall wall because the image shape is contrary to the shape of the wall. We recommend for best results, select a background image with similar proportions to your wall.


5. What content can I use?

The current HP WallArt solution is designed for you to upload your own content or select images from the Fotolia Library etc You must own the license and rights for that content that you upload. If you choose from these libraries see list below, you will pay a small charge for the license & right. With these images you can design the wallpaper and wallcovering of your choice and keep the image for future projects or other rooms.


6.. Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order we can supply is 3 square metres. If your project is smaller than this, it can be supplied, but a minimum charge of 3 square metres will apply.


7. Is there a any maximum size?

The system will not let you design a WallArt more than 962.66cm high. If you try entering greater than this the system will alert you.


8. What sort of image do I need?

The image needs to be high quality to ensure that it will print well. Generally for most WallArt projects a file size of at least 3mb is needed and for large walls, a file size of 5mb+ may be needed. When you enter an image into the WallArt software, it gives you details on viewing distance. If you want the WallArt to be viewed close up you will need a better quality image.

For a large wall, 25% of the total actual size of the end product is ideal and should not return a low resolution warning. You can make the image uploaded the actual size, but bear in mind the upper size limit for an image upload is 500MB.


9. Can you adjust parts of the image in the ONESHOT WallArt tool?

The WallArt tool lets you make the image wider/taller to fit the wall. However it can't change any elements of the image itself. This would need to be done outside of the ONESHOT WallArt tool using something like Photoshop. The best idea is to upload an image into WallArt and try out the options so you can see how your image would look and what other changes you may need to make.

10. I want to do wallpaper using a specific image. How do I check the resolution is ok?

The WallArt tool requires a minimum of 300 dpi. When you load up an image into the tool, it will analyse the image and let you know how pixelated the image will appear from a viewing distance of 1.8m. If the image will be pixelated, it gives you a warning and the distance from which it will not appear pixelated. Obviously the further away from the image you are, the less pixelated it will appear.

Also built into the tool is the ability for you to print out an A4 sample to the full scale you are after. You can print this out on your own printer and specify exactly which part of the mural you want to print out.

11. How do I account for obstructions, such as doors and other items?

Use the shape tools in ONESHOT WallArt to mark out any obstructions you have on the wall you are planning to have the ONESHOT WallArt on. Just set the size to the same size and position as the obstruction you have.

12. Is my image checked prior to printing?

A check is done by the printer before printing to make sure the image isn't pixelated or offensive.

The WallArt programme gives you the ability to print a 100% scale sample (A4 sized) so you can gauge the quality of the print at full size. You can even pick where the sample is taken from within the image.

13. Does the WallArtt come with the door or window area already cut out?

The mural is printed as a full square/rectangle piece and the installer trims around any doors or windows, just as they would with wallpaper.

14. Can I get a sample?

If your image is pixelated you can print off a sample to help you decide whether to progress with your order. 

15. Does WallArt check the image is ok?

Once an image is added it is checked for its suitability regarding the project size, e.g. what is the size of the wall? The quality of the image needed will depend on how large you want to print it.

If the image isn't considered good enough (file size wise), a warning yellow triangle is displayed on the right top of the screen. Clicking on the triangle provides more information. It tells for example what would be the requirements for such a wall/canvas. Also, at which viewing distance that image would be acceptable. For example if the image is to be seen at a distance, then it may still be acceptable to have a less sharp image than if it was being viewed at close range.

16. When I load my image does that mean other people can use it?

No. The image you load is only available to you.

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